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Hunting in Russia. Moose


General information

Tour duration - 12–14 days.
Dates - from September 1 to September 30.
The best hunting time - from September 20 to September 30.
Hunting area - Kamchatka region, Kamchatka river (middle basin).
Accommodation - tent camp (with sauna).
Means for moving at hunting - boats, on foot.
Number of guests in a group - up to 2 persons.
Method of hunting - calling the bulls (on heat).
Recommended caliber - min. 3006 (7,62х63), max. 375 .
Approximate shot distance - 100–200 m.
Average trophy size - 1,5 m.
Success rate - 80%.
Weather, area description - Kamchatka river valley, mainly thick bushes of willow, in September up to +18○С in the daytime, frost is possible in late September at nights, rains possible.
Physical condition - middle training required.
Additional hunt - Brown bear.
Additional fishing - possible (grayling, kunja, loach).


Additional information

Price includes:
- welcome at the Elizowo airport (Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky);
- transfer to the basic camp in the hunting area and back;
- accommodation and food at the camp (sauna, generator, camp-beds);
- motor boats;
- hunting guide;
- rifle and ammunition permit;
- pre-processing of the trophy;
- veterinary certificate;
- interpreting service;
- visa support.

Price does not include:
- flight to Petropavlovsk Kamchtsky and back;
- accommodation in Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky (if needed);
- alcoholic beverages;
- additional excursions.

Transfer schedule:
from Elizovo airport (Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky) to the Kamchatka river by minibus (350 km), then by motor boats to the basic camp (2-3 hours).

Price for the tour is available upon request. Please contact us for more details.

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